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The time it takes to turn a patient room is critical.  Praetorian has floor finish solutions to make clean time efficient and effective. MightyOne HD, the top finish choice for finish patient rooms, the long lasting durability and is a perfect fit.  MightyOne, in patient rooms, typically lasts 24 months, or more.  Some customers, up to 5 years before applying a second coat of MightyOne. When fast dry or mop-on is required,  use Altus Mop-on, for manufactured vinyl floors, and Sentry Mop-on urethane for VCT floors.


CLEAN FAST and EASY!  This is the extreme importance of all areas in healthcare.  In operating rooms that requirement cannot be overstated.  Floors are a point of contamination transfer.  Consequently, the ability to sanitize an area successfully and fast  is critical to success of a hospital.  MightyOne HD is our longest lasting floor finish and recommended as a first choice.  For faster turn-times, the choice of finish is Sentry (for VCT) and Altus (manufactured floors).  All are extremely chemical and stain resistant.  Make Praetorian your choice for floor protection.


Dialysis Center floors are a challenge to maintain.  There is little time for deep cleaning, let alone the time to apply ‘long-drying’ type urethane finishes.  Excellent choices for dialysis centers, Sentry on VCT and Altus on manufactured vinyl (LVT).  Both products are extremely chemical resistant, mar resistant, and will resist traffic pattern wear and tear.  Additionally, Sentry and Altus will self-heal with a diamond pad polish, resulting in beautiful floor with little effort.


It is equally important for physical therapy facilities to maintain their floors with success and high standards.  More facilities decision makers have made the move to install rubber floors.  To answer the challenge, Praetorian has developed a customized solutions for rubber floors, both recycled and composite. For recycled rubber floors, deep clean with CLN-150 and finish with Fortius Seal & Finish.  For composite rubber floors clean with CLN-150 Rubber floor cleaner and finish with Altus mop-on. For VCT floors, finish with Sentry Mop-on.


Hallways slow down but, never shut down.  Fast application and fast dry is the only option.  Making SENTRY for VCT & terrazzo and ALTUS, for manufactured vinyl floors the obvious choice. Both are fast dry and require only 2-3 coats for maximum long-term durability and protection.  Scuff and mar resistance will be beyond your expectations.


Seniors are very susceptible to falls and illness.  Because of this, there is an increasing awareness and accountability for facilities to provide the cleanliness that is critical to the well-being of residents in long-term care facilities.  Altus Satin or Semi-gloss is the first choice for all floors in long-term care facilities.  Altus low-sheen finishes are an excellent choice for patients that feel vulnerable and fearful to walk on high gloss floors.  You will not sacrifice quality.  Altus is extremely scratch and mar resistant.  You will not sacrifice chemical resistance.  Altus is extremely resistant to hand sanitizer and stain causing chemicals and contaminants.


Emergency rooms, what a challenge!  There is no shut-down time in an ER.  It lives and breathes 24/7.  When time permits, staff sections of areas to work as quickly as possible to ready the room.  Praetorian products are designed for fast-in service times with effective results.  Accomplish fast strip-outs, deep clean, and finish with a 1-2-3 punch.  Start with LiftOFF Remover, designed for tough urethanes and acrylic removal.  Followed up with PreCept Neutral Cleaner, a very effective deep cleaner.  Then, finish with SENTRY mop-on urethane.  Sentry will provide fast clean times with extreme chemical and wear resistance.


Sentry is the product of choice for entryways on terrazzo floors.  Sentry is quickly repairable, very scratch resistant, and extremely mar resistant.  In addition, Sentry withstands the day-to-day grime that is walked in from the streets.  Sentry will clean easy and repair quickly.

Floor finish will get destroyed faster at the nurse work station than anywhere else in the facility. Fast dry is a must have.  Use Altus Mop-on, for manufactured vinyl floors, and Sentry Mop-on urethane for VCT floors.  Altus and Sentry dry fast, require less coats, and will last 6-10 times longer than a typical acrylic floor finish that would be applied at 5-6 coats. For longer life of the Sentry and Altus, always use chair legs and wheels protectors.

Clinics, exam rooms, and labs, all are very high traffic areas.  However, all of these area can be shut-down for longer periods of time.  This makes MightyOne HD the clear choice.  MightyOne will provide the longest wear and the greatest chemical resistance.  In addition, MightyOne enables floor cleanliness to be at your highest standards.


The cafeteria handles a fair amount of foot traffic.  Moreover, it also will have a fair amount of food spills.  Due to the frequency of spills and the need for the resistance to damage, MightyOne HD is the first choice for a long lasting floor finish.  MightyOne is easy to wash, extremely stain resistant, and with proper care, will not need reapplication for 18-24 months.


Restrooms are one of the biggest floor challenges of any facility.  Most restroom floors are ceramic or stone.  Floors in an restroom at very difficult to maintain effectively.  Grout lines and textured surfaces become layered with dirt, grime, and odor.  The LaMella finishes, are designed specifically to bond to ceramic and stone floors, without etching.  Choose from Lamella Mop-on for fast turn-times or LaMella Roll-on for the greatest protection.  All LaMella and other urethane finishes are removable with our LaMella Remover.

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