Praetorian has designed several coatings and solutions for any surface type that may be seen in schools. A school is a place that fosters education and creativity. Constant maintenance and upkeep of the floors can cause distractions to children and teachers. Any one of Praetorian’s solutions will cut maintenance times, water consumption, energy consumption, and make keeping schools clean a breeze.

Our recommended solutions for schools include, Sentry mop-onPointGuard Gym CoatingLaMella Mop-on, and Fortius Seal & Finish.



  • Mop-on application – no training needed
  • High gloss sheen
  • 15-20-minute dry time
  • Two-coat system – with proper care and maintenance the coating can last 1-2 years. 
  • Excellent chemical and mar resistance


  • Designed as a solution for multi-purpose wood gym floors
  • Multiple sheen options
  • T-bar application
  •   30-60-minute dry
  • Resistant to marring
  • Repellant to food and chemical stains





natural stone
natural stone
natural stone
natural stone



  • Available in gloss, semigloss, and satin sheens
  • Mop-on application
  • Suitible for Concrete, Stone, and Ceramic surfaces
  • High chemical and mar resistance
  • Average life-span with proper care and maintenance is 12 months


  • Water-based, low odor, urethane rubber floor coating
  • Provides a soft and natural feel – matte sheen
  • Excellent adhesion – no flaking or constant reapplication
  • Urine, Sweat, and Chemical resistant
  • T-bar application