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Hydrogrip Adhesion Promoter

Ceramic tile, concrete, and stone surfaces can be hard to restore without the proper tools. HydroGrip can assist by improving the surface’s chemical and stain resistance. When used properly with Lamella Remover, your floors will look as good as new!


Restrooms, locker rooms, and surgical areas need to maintain a safe environment. TruGrit decreases any concern of slipping and falling on your floor, all you need to do is apply it to any of our urethanes. Our TruGrit is available in Fine, Medium, and Coarse textures.

LaMella Grout Color

LaMella Grout Color is designed to color the grout, instead of filling in the lines. As it has a quick turn-time to apply finish, the coloring is easy to clean and maintain. We offer several colors to choose from, and we also provide custom colors as requested.


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