PreCept Carpet PreSpot

PreCept Carpet PreSpot

PreCept is a new generation of effective and eco-friendly solutions for cleaning service professionals

Green & Eco-Friendly

Readily Biodegradable – Reduce waste stream pollution impact

Safe pH (9.5-9.7) range – DOT Not Regulated

No harsh chemical odors

No added perfumes or dyes, fresh fragrance

Effective & Easy-to-Use

Neutralizes pet urine stains

Will not change original carpet color lighten/brighten

Fast Action – 10-15 minute dwell and quickly breaks down soiled area

Eliminates odors caused by stains

Blot & Rinse stain away easily

Easy spray trigger and Ready-to-Use (RTU)

Great companion product with PreCept PreSpray

Easily rinses clean with water 

Can be used with extraction or spot blotting

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PreCept Carpet Spot Remover 5020P233