Tough Solutions for Tough Surfaces

Sentry High Performance Mop-on Coating for Terrazzo & VCT

The Solution for… High Traffic Areas, Fast In-Service Time, and Extreme Durability

SENTRY, the ideal coating for terrazzo and VCT.

The highest quality mop-on, urethane floor coating available

SENTRY, providing superior gloss, and durability in fewer coats.

Praetorian has made SENTRY the choice for airports, retail, schools, hospitals… anywhere


Two coats, two polish passes.  That’s it!  SENTRY is extremely mar and hand sanitizer resistant.  Formulated to be a FAST DRY, gloss, low maintenance urethane floor coating.  This coating can be used on VCT, terrazzo, and polished concrete.


Fast Leveling / Fast Dry

Thin to win!  SENTRY will level fast off the mop.  Large open areas are not a problem, Apply at a spread rate of 1800 SF per gallon.  Allow to dry 15-20 minutes between coats.


Fast Repair

Repair damaged areas fast.  Time is money, and we all like to save both!  Blend the area with a course (200, 400, 800) diamond pad, clean, and microfiber mop the area, then mop one to two very thin coats of Sentry.  Finish polish with a diamond pad (1500-3000) or hogs hair pad.  Fast and easy.

Read more information in our blog about how Sentry is better than traditional floor finishes!

Mop on Application

There is no learning curve with Sentry, if you can use a mop, you can apply SENTRY.  Designed to have the quality benefits of a roll-on urethane, without the application headache that comes with roll-on urethanes.


Tough Enough

SENTRY is perfectly suited for the toughest environments.  Created with tough solutions in mind, Sentry has superior mar resistance and chemical resistance.  See the physical properties chart for detailed test results.