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Recycled Rubber Floors

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Understand The Surface

Recycled rubber floors are seen more often throughout schools, sports facilities, gyms, childcare centers, and many more locations.

Recycled rubber floors are very porus and require a sealant for easy cleaning.

Recycled rubber floors are an excellent alternative choice over carpet or hard surface flooring types, such as VCT or Luxury vinyl.

Like carpet, recycled rubber floors provide cushion and sound deadening benefits.


It is important to clean the floors properly by using a vacuum or auto-scrubber with a microfiber pad. This works best on textured or studded floors to grab dirt from uneven surfaces.

Our CLN-150 Rubber Floor Cleaner is best used on recycled rubber floors. It does not cause damage to the rubber and will effectively remove the manufacturing grease, grime, and chemical residue from the manufacturing process.

Recycled rubber floors, when finished with Praetorian’s Fortius Seal & Finish gives ease of cleaning and resistance to extreme wear and scuff.

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