LaMella Grout Color

Grout Colorant

LaMella Color

Revive – Recolor – Restore

LaMella Grout color is designed to color the grout, not fill the grout lines. It applies easily, dries fast, and is compatible with Praetorian’s coatings.


Praetorian has several colors to choose from – See the Polyblend® Grout Colors, custom colors are available upon request.

LaMella Grout Color is urethane based and is durable enough to leave uncoated.

LaMella Grout Color is thinner in viscosity and can be easily brushed or rolled. It resists pooling or running.


Does not yellow or amber

Dries hard, easy cleaning – not soft or ‘spongy’

Very low odor – no pine oil or fragrances added

Fast dry – in 20-30 minutes, it is ready for final prep and touch-up.

Quick turn-time to apply finish – LaMella Finish can quickly be applied over the colored grout

Easy Application – No need to tediously brush each grout line.

Excellent adhesion to existing clean grout

High Hide – Less product and cost needed to color grout lines