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Introducing Fortius Recycled Rubber Matte Floor Finish

Fortius is a water-based, low odor, urethane rubber floor finish. It is not an acrylic. It is not a hybrid acrylic. Fortius matte finish, gives the floor a soft look and feel.


Recycled rubber floors the choice of floor for many areas:


Daycare/Childcare Centers


Doggy Day-care Centers

Fitness Centers

Physical Therapy Facilities

Characteristics of recycled rubber make it difficult to impossible to clean, leading to odors and heavily soiled floors.

Most finishes are not designed for recycled rubber, resulting in:

  • Poor adhesion
  • Poor clean-ability,
  • Frequent finish reapplications
  • Flaking finish from the surface

Fortius was formulated specifically for adhesion to recycled rubber floors.

Fortius benefits:

  • Washable
  • Scrubbable
  • long lasting
  • does not flake
  • resistant to extreme wear and scuff
  • urine and sweat resistant
  • chemical resistant
  • Easy and fast to clean

Fortius is a T-Bar applied finish.  You don’t have to be an expert to apply Fortius, it is extremely forgiving, suitable for the novice or the expert applicator.

Fortius is the solution for the ability to properly clean and protect recycled-type rubber floor. Fortius Matte Seal & Finish will provide extreme protection, longevity, and ease of cleaning with CLN-150 Rubber Floor Cleaner

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