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Concrete Basics

Concrete is a relatively inexpensive, hard surface commonly seen in many different environments. It is a great floor for areas with heavy foot traffic, but has little to no resistance to chemical spills, acid, and staining. Applying the proper coating is essential to maintaining the life and appearance of the floor. Praetorian recommends our outstanding coatings designed and formulated for impeccable durability, cleanability, while providing  low-maintenance and cost-cutting measures.

Natural looking coating with a heavy level of protection.

Interior and Exterior application

Horizontal or vertical application

Fast dry time

Pair with EcoLift Remover and CLN-100 Cleaner

High chemical resistance

Ultra-thin application film

Extremely abrasion resistant

No strip out needed for repairs

Easily repaired with a high-speed polisher 

Fast dry time 

Supreme chemical resistance 

Average 12-month lifespan

Excellent adhesion to surfaces 

Mop-on application 

Two coat processes

High gloss appearance 

Pair with PreCept Remover and CLN-100 Cleaner

Easy to maintain and repair


Prevents spalling in concrete

Water Based coating – No harsh chemicals

Designed for ceramic tile, quarry tile, cement, and natural stone

Interior and Exterior

Semi-Gloss to Satin appearance 

Outlast competitors’ concrete sealers 

Extremely abrasion resistant

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