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No Dyes | Low Odor | No Fragrances | Concentrated | Non-corrosive


Clean Made Easy

Praetorian produces cleaning solutions that aid in a job well done.

Proper preparations are a must for any surface before finishing.  We provide the cleaners that make that job easier and faster to complete.

All of our cleaners are acid-free, dye-free, and fragrance-free.  In addition, all Praetorian cleaners are classified as NON-Corrosive.

Select from choices for:  Deep clean & prep, degrease, and final rinse before finish.

Praetorian provides cleaning solutions for all hard surfaces, all types of manufactured composite and vinyl flooring, and carpet.

Deep Clean

Most floors, before refinishing, will need a deep clean to remove soil and other cleaning chemical build-up.  Choose from our line of cleaners to suit the demand:

Top Scub and Recoat

More often, a complete strip-out of a floor is not necessary.  Praetorian has developed cleaners that allow a deep scrub and deep clean for high-density finishes. 

Clean Rinse Residue Free

Residue free is a critical step for a successful finish application.  Use our CLN Multi-purpose Cleaners for speed and quality cleaning before all floor finish applications.


Super-concentrated carpet cleaners for tough stains and removal of carpet encapsulation chemicals and cleaners.

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