Acrylic Remover

LiftOff Acrylic Remover

Fast Stripping action and extrememly effective


LiftOff is a powerful and effective acrylic remover. Extremely effective for removal of urethane fortified floor finish.

Save time and energy costs: remove six (6) coats in 5-8 minutes

Does not damage VCT, linoleum type, or rubber type floors.

Easily applied using a micro-fiber mop or string mop

Longer pad life due to superior emulsification – remove up to 3,000 SF before pad flip

Strips through complete emulsification

Easy cleanup with CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner


About the Product

Very low odor – excellent choice for healthcare

NON-CORROSIVE – pH below 12.0

Very low VOC’s, less than 1% per gallon

MEA Free

Frangrance and Dye Free

Coverage: Up to 2400 sq. ft. per gallon diluted


Best Uses:

For best results with, LiftOFF we recommend using this remover on Acrylic Finishes, Hybrid Floor Finish, Concrete Seal & Finish. We also recommend using this remover on surfaces like, LVT – Field coated, VCT, Epoxy Terrazzo, Ceramic, Stone, Concrete, Recycled Rubber, and Smooth Rubber.

With this remover being so surface friendly, it works with almost all of our coatings. The possibilities are endless with LiftOFF!

Knowing What Coatings to Pair:

If stripping on LVT, our go to coating is Scepter. Why we love this coating for LVT is the protection, enhanced cleanability, and chemical resistance is superior to the factory finish and many others on the market.

For VCT and Epoxy Terrazzo, we love Sentry. This coating, like all our coatings has incredible chemical resistance and adds a beautiful glossy seen to the surface. While the chemical resistance is one of its best features it also offers the aesthetic that many consumers are looking for, making Sentry a great option for many different surface types.

Looking for a versatile ceramic coating? Go for LaMella mop-on. LaMella Mop-on is very easy to apply, dries quicky, (this can vary based humidity and room temperature, ceramic can be known to be a bit cooler in nature) and like our other coatings, it has very good chemical resistance.