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Healthcare facilities are strapped with tight budgets and limited staff.  Yet, clean cannot be sacrificed.  Praetorian finishes are the solution in helping to balance budgets with limited staff.

No matter the flooring type, no matter the challenge, Praetorian has a finish that will fit your needs, save you money, speed daily cleaning, and reduce floor finish maintenance.


Airports, bus terminals, subway and train stations, some of the most demanding facilities to maintain.  Floors are destroyed under heavy foot traffic.   Floor finishes need to be durable.  Finishes need to have very fast dry and cure time.   Most of all, the finishes should not require frequent reapplication.


All day use, all weekend use.  Schools are at the hub of all community events.  With the wear, tear, and abuse our schools take, floors need outstanding protection.  With the battles of budgets and shrinking staffing, the challenge to keep our schools clean and the floors maintained is difficult.

Praetorian has solutions.  Quality and affordable solutions.  Solutions that will protect.  Solutions help to keep our schools clean.


When was the last time you wanted to shop at a store that was dirty?  The simplest way to keep stores clean starts with a quality floor finish.  The floor finish must be fast dry, high shine, and withstand damage from food spills.  Praetorian finishes will maintain a shine, do not need frequent burnishing and continual re-application

Sports & Fitness

Sports floors are a very specialized market.  Praetorian has invested in extensive R & D to provide the best solutions for your sports floors.  Sports facilities have little down time and high traffic demands.  The extreme challenge, the ability to keep all areas of the facility clean and attractive

Entertainment & Hospitality

Casino’s, hotels, amusement parks…no matter the surface, we have unmatched solutions for long-term durability.  Patron safety is a must.  Brand image cannot be compromised.  Praetorian will provide advice and solutions for any surface, from vinyl, ceramic, concrete…there is a finish to fit your needs

Distribution and Warehouses

Concrete floors are costly to repair.  Finishing the concrete is the best way to prevent damage and wear.  The balance is to protect the surface with quality.  While at the same time, the product must fit the budget.  Spend too little, floors will need redoing in a short amount of time.  Praetorian can evaluate your expectations and provide a solution.


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