LaMella Ceramic Floor Finish

The Ultimate Tile & Grout Restoration Finish

Praetorian has the premier “Solution” for Tile and Grout Restoration

LaMella Ceramic Floor Finish

LaMella is a water based urethane that places a protective shield over your ceramic/stone and grout surfaces.

LaMella will…

Shield the grout lines from stains
Shield the grout from urine
Prevent odor issues in restrooms.
Provide ease of maintenance and enhance ceramic tile appearance.

LaMella Ceramic Floor Finish is the perfect choice for all Tile and Grout Restoration projects.

LaMella Highlights

Water based system with little to no odor during application and drying

ESPECIALLY compared to solvent base siloxane system

Excellent Gloss and Depth of Image thus enhancing the look of your tile and grout

Hardness at the level of high odor solvent base siloxane product

Durability that is 2nd to none in the Tile and Grout Restoration industr

No acid etching to achieve adhesion over glazed ceramic with HydroGrip Adhesion Promoto

Very easy to apply with excellent flow and leveling

Excellent urine resistance

Excellent hand sanitizer resistance

Non yellowing

Strip-able with low odor LaMella Remover or U2O Remover 

Daily clean with surfactant free CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner

LaMella Quick Specs:

2 hour pot life

No induction time

No need to catalyze today to use tomorrow

5 hour dry time on average

4 Part Urethane, all components premeasured

HydroGrip (bond promoter) included

When mixing no weighing, measuring or guessing by your application team

Low odor water base urethane

Fortified with our proprietary siloxanes for enhanced performance

Easy roll on application

Self levels for smooth beautiful looking tile or stone floors

Do you need fast drying quicker in service times?  Then LaMella Mop-On Ceramic Floor Finish is the perfect solution for Tile and Grout Restoration….

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