Eco friendly deep cleaner

Precept Prep & Clean

A unique preparation aid for refinishing over urethane finished floors

Readily Biodegradable Surface Prep & Clean

Eco Friendly | Effective | Efficient

Earth Conscious

Readily Biodegradable – Minimize environmental impact

Contains no ammonia, no perfumes

Non-Corrosive, Non-Abrasive

DOT Not Regulated

Low VOCs

Mild pH


Superior cleaning strength

Degloss Praetorian urethanes and other ultra-durable urethanes without the use of screens

Penetrates for deeper surface preparation, removing embedded dirt and chemical residues

Enhance and beautify the appearance of the Praetorian urethane re-application

Reduce potential for surface prep ‘screen swirls’


Save on excessive surface preparation time and labor

Use with Praetorian Brown 1/4” Surface Prep Pad

No sanding screens needed – Save money

Ready-to-use (RTU)

Rinse easily with neutral cleaner and water

The reality of any floor maintenance, no matter the finish that is applied, it will eventually need a fresh coat of finish.  We want that job to be as simple and effective as possible. We saw the need to design a ‘prep aid’ for the personnel charged with the job of screening the floor.  Refinishing over urethane finishes was labor intensive, until PNC.  Prepping the floor is as easy as the wash prep that is already required.

How to use

PNC is a highly concentrated urethane de-glosser and deep cleaning product.  Mix PNC into water, at the recommended rates.  Mop the solution on the floor.  Allow a 15 minute dwell time.   Low speed scrub with a surface prep pad (maroon).  Wash and extract with an auto scrubber.  Clean wash and rinse with CLN-100 (4oz per gallon of water) until free of contaminants.

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