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Surfaces that require tough floor coatings

Hard Surface Floors

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Epoxy Terrazzo – understand the surface

Extremely durable and sustainable

Epoxy terrazzo is used in the high foot traffic areas, they can withstand heavy foot traffic and typically have a long life.

Physical Composition of the floor

Epoxy floors are typically poured in place on the job sight. The physical properties of epoxy terrazzo is simple: marble dust, glass or plastic chip, and epoxy resin.


Epoxy terrazzo can last 50-75 years but it must be maintained to hold a long life. The floor is tough, but by itself is not resistant to staining and scratching. A floor coating must be applied to terrazzo to protect your investment.


Without a doubt, it is expected that a return-on-investment of a terrazzo floor will be achieved. However, over maintaining the floor can shorten the life of the floor.

Heat friction from frequent honing and polishing an epoxy terrazzo floor will grind away the actual floor and prematurely break down the resins in the floor ultimately causing pitting. Applying the proper coating will help you find the maintenance sweet-spot

For terrazzo we recommend applying, Sentry if you are looking for a gloosy sheen.

Protect the floor – Protect the investment

High quality, low frequency maintenance coatings are the best choice for long term sustainable protection.


Mop-on Solutions:

Sentry:  High density, excellent scratch, and mar resistance, repairable, and hand sanitizer resistant. Durability equivalent to 10x standard acrylic finishes.

Mop-on Application Video (Part 1)

Mop-on Application Video (Part 2) 

Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT)

Durable and Affordable

VCT still remains the most affordable durable flooring solution.

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