ALTUS Mop-on Floor Coating

ALTUS is made for luxury manufactured vinyl floors (LVT).  No matter what, eventually floors become scratched, dull, drab, and nearly impossible to clean.  ALTUS is the solution to revive that LVT floor.  Apply ALTUS to bring your floor back to new again!

ALTUS is available in a gloss, semi-gloss, and satin finish.



ALTUS is the go to mop-on urethane floor coating for luxury vinyl floors (LVT).  No matter your skill level, you can apply this finish!  Refinish your LVT floor, fast and easy.

Use a flat microfiber mop for astounding results!  ALTUS has fast leveling off the mop for a smooth quality finish.


  • Apply two thin coats for fantastic and durable results
  • Coverage per gallon, on average 1800 square feet per coat.
Hand sanitizer resistant
Hand sanitizer resistant



ALTUS is hand sanitizer resistant.  Hand sanitizer will not burn through ALTUS.  Even foam sanitizers struggle to damage ALTUS.

Oh no!  The sanitizer sat on the floor overnight!  No worries.  Very gently wipe the spot with a clean, soft, lint free cloth.  Now, let it be.  Let the finish firm up and dry completely.  Wipe the sanitizer residue away with CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner.

Foam type hand sanitizers are harsh on floor finishes and coatings.  This is the standard by which Praetorian formulates the chemical resistance of ALTUS.



Scratches cannot be avoided.  No matter how hard you try to keep your floor blemish free, inevitably, somehow a huge scratch appears on your floor.

One of the beautiful benefits of ALTUS is it is REPAIRABLE!  Topical gouges or scuffs can be polished away with a burnisher and a 3000-diamond pad.  This is NOT like burnishing a standard acrylic, a couple quick passes and the damage disappears.  For deep scratches, feather in the scratch to blend with an 800 grit diamond pad, clean, spot re-apply one coat of ALTUS in the area.  Wait 20-30 minutes for dry time, polish blend in with a burnisher and a 3000-diamond pad.



ALTUS will out shine any standard acrylic floor finish!  With an average lifespan of beyond 12 months, calculate the savings using ALTUS on your floor.