StepStone Sealer

Restores the matted appearance of luxury vinyl floors  

About StepStone


StepStone is a catalyzed sealer for ceramic tile, quarry tile, cement & natural stone.

Provides the beading-effect of an impregnator, with the performance of a urethane.

Multi-functional – can be used for either interior or exterior enviroments.

StepStone is a water based formula – no harsh solvents, low VOC, low odor, no reduction.

StepStone will not change the appearance or color of surface, instead it will enhance it.

In addition, it can prevent spalling concrete by causing chemical re-bonding

Advantages & Benefits


Repels water and oil based fluids

Scratch resistant and durable

Easy to maintain and repair

Superior adhesion without etching or priming


Fast dry time – 30 min re-coat time

Application and Preperation

Surface preparation is the key to a successful application. If the surface has not been properly prepped there can be adhesion issues. To address preparation concerns we have created an assortment of compatible products that work exceptionally well with StepStone and the surfaces compatible with StepStone.

Removers: The removal of an old finish or a factory finish must be completed prior to applying StepStone. If it is not, StepStone will not adhere to the surface the way it was intended to.

PreCept EcoLift: 

Readily biodegradable

Excellent grout haze remover and cleaner

Multi-functional, this remover cleans and removes old finishes in as little as 10-minutes.

Safe for most surface types and effective in removing acrylic, urethane, epoxy, and most UV coatings.

U2O Remover: 

Will not dry out the surface

Effectively and efficiently removes multi-component urethane floor finishes and acrylic floor finishes

Proven to remove 100 coats of aged and burnished acrylic floor finish in ONE application

Very low odor – commonly used in “at-work” environments like a hospital

Water-based remover, meaning it is formulated without highly toxic chemicals like methylene chloride and acetone

Cleaners: After the removal and stripping process it is imperative to follow up with an effective cleaner. To combat the needs of our consumers we have also formulated safe and effective cleaners to pair with our removers and coatings.


Surfactant free 

Very low odor

Use as a daily cleaner or as a booster with U2O

Daily clean – 1:8 ounces

Deep clean – 32oz. per gallon