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PreCept PreSpray Carpet Cleaner

Readily Biodegradable Carpet PreSpray.

PreCept is a new generation of effective and eco-friendly solutions for cleaning service professionals.

PreCept Carpet Pre-Spray is no exception. Green, Effective, and Versatile!

• Readily Biodegradable, reduce waste stream pollution
• No perfumes added, mild fresh fragrance
• pH neutral
• Zero VOC, Consumer Goods Regulations

• Emulsifies dirt and grime for easy removal
• Fast acting: 5-10 minute dwell times
• Rinses quickly with little to no residue
• Safely dissolve & remove problematic “Encapsulating
Cleaner” build-up

• All-purpose pre-spray cleaner
• Use with water extractor, carpet brush and/or bonnet pad
• Low to no foaming; extraction friendly
• Extract with hot or cold water
• Safe for use on most fabrics, upholstery, and carpets
• Does not effect carpet color
• Does not break down carpet backing

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