PreCept PreSray Carpet Cleaner

PreCept PreSpray Carpret Cleaner

PreCept is a new generation of effective and eco-friendly solutions for cleaning service professionals





Emulsifies dirt and grime for easy removal

Fast acting: 5-10 minute dwell times

Rinses quickly with little to no residue

Low to no foaming; extraction friendly

Does not effect carpet color

Does not break down carpet backing

Use with water extractor, carpet brush and/or bonnet pad



Readily Biodegradable, reduce waste stream pollution

No perfumes added, mild fresh fragrance

pH neutral

Zero VOC, Consumer Goods Regulation

Safe for use on most fabrics, upholstery, and carpetses not break down carpet backing

Safely dissolve & remove problematic “Encapsulating Cleaner” build-up

PreCept PreSpray Carpet Cleaner SDS

CF-0919 PreCept Carpet Prespray SDS 12.16.15

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