Each sport and fitness facility are unique, our wide variety of coatings gives Praetorian an opportunity to make your maintenance and floor appearance better than the rest. Praetorian has formulated many different coatings to be used throughout your sports and fitness facilities, while also providing excellent durability and cleanability. It is important to coat gym floors, rubber floors, locker room floors, etc. as it reduces slippage, blocks chemical damage, and prevents staining.

Gym Floors

PointGuard Gym Coating

PointGuard is a water-based gym floor coating that has the advantages of long-term durability and is formulated to apply easily and cut maintenance times. We have created this coating to be an excellent choice for multipurpose gym floors.

PointGuard Benefits: 

A great coating for multipurpose gym floors.

Gloss sheen – This coating is not limited to gloss, if you are looking for a natural to semi-gloss, please give us a call!

Fast dry times, easy to apply, and extremely durability

Polish for a quick repair

Excellent ‘play feel’ to the floor


Rubber Floors

Fortius Recycled Rubber Floor Coating

Fortius was formulated specifically for adhesion to recycled rubber floors. It is however not uncommon to see a factory finish applied to rubber surfaces. If there is an existing finish or coating, we recommend applying PreCept EcoLift the removal of an existing finish is critical for proper adhesion.

Fortius Benefits:

Does not flake

Resistant to extreme wear and scuff

Urine and sweat resistant

Chemical resistant

Easy and fast to clean


Locker Room Floors

Locker room floors can be a hard surface to maintain. To combat this, we have designed two coatings that are ideal for locker room floors. If you are looking for a natural sheen, we recommend using CapStone SealerFor a glossy sheen, we recommend applying LaMella Mop-on Coating

CapStone Benefits:

Designed for demanding high traffic areas.

Resistant to scratching, marring, and heavy foot traffic.

Withstands soiling, giving your surface a clean appearance for much longer.

Formulated for extreme high chemical resistance.

LaMella Mop-on Benefits: 

Designed for excellent adhesion to the surface

An average life span of 12 months

Easy Application

Easily Repairable