Praetorian has removers that work!

LaMella Remover

works on the toughest jobs

Praetorian’s most powerful urethane remover available. LaMella Remover developed exclusively* for use on ceramic, natural stone, and cement surfaces.

Effective removal of urethanes, silanes, siloxanes, deeply etched surfaces, and chemically bonded finishes.

 Breaks and lifts the bonded finish.

Apply, scrub, dwell 30-60 minutes, extract, rinse.

Product use advantages

Water clean-up

No need for use of highly flammable alcohol-based chemicals

Very low odor

Pre-diluted semi-paste for ease of application – RTU

Eliminates the need to grind or sand surface for removal

Reduces removal/stripper time & costs

Will not ‘dry-out’ like typical floor strippers

Clean up easily with Prætorian’s CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner

urethane remover

Other Advantages

MEA free (Monoethanolamine)

Zero VOC’s, Consumer Goods Regulations

NON-CORROSIVE; pH of less than 11.0

Coverage approxmately 125-200 SF/gallon

*Not for use on VCT, LVT, or any other type of manufactured floor surface.

For removal on VCT use our U2O Remover

For removal on LVT use our PreCept EcoLift Remover

Compatible Products 

LaMella Remover was designed to work as a system and remove finishes that are known to be tricky to remove. With all of this in mind we have products that we recommend using in conjunction with LaMella Remover.

LaMella Grout Color: Urethane based and is durable enough to leave uncoated. This grout color has a thinner viscosity and is very easily brushed on or rolled on.

LaMella Mop-on Coating: This coating is incredibly easy to apply and provides superior protection. With an average life of 12 months, this coating has a fast dry time, eases maintenance, and has incredible chemical resistance. 

More Information on Lamella Remover

LaMella Remover.5016IP233

Other Removal Products:

U2O Remover 

PreCept EcoLift Remover

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