Scepter Vinyl Restorer

Restores the matted appearance of luxury vinyl floors  

Designed for Demanding, High Traffic Areas

Scepter is highly resistant to scratch, mar, and heavy foot traffic

Natural | Easy Application | High Coverage Rate

Restore and Revive

Luxury Vinyl Floors (LVT) have become a popular first choice for flooring in both institutional and consumer use.

LVT can eventually appear worn and tired.

Scepter renews and revives to bring back the natural, low sheen appearance of LVT floors. Scepter will provide great protection and restoration to bring back the natural sheen to your luxury LVT floors.

Scepter can be used to re-seal and beautify manufactured floor surfaces. Scepter is suitable in any area to brighten the natural beauty of the surface.

The Benefits of Scepter

Natural – Low Sheen – Matted Appearance

Easy Application – Only need to apply two thin coats with a micro fiber mop

High Coverage Rate – 2800-3200 SF per gallon, depending on floor texture

Easy Cleaning – Resists soil and easy to clean

Fast Dry – Allow one hour of dry time between coats.

No time for two coats? No problem, come back later to finish with the second coat for maximum protection.

More information on Scepter

Scepter Information


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