LaMella Mop-On Finish

Mop-on Floor Finish for Ceramic, Stone and Concrete

LaMella Mop-On is extremely easy to repair and apply to conrete, stone and ceramic surfaces

There are many benefits to LaMella Mop-on that stand out from the rest

LaMella Mop-on has excellent chemical resistance.

Multiple Benefits

Increased chemical resistance

Designed for excellent adhesion to the surface

An average life span of 12 months

Easy Application

Easily Repairable

Fast dry time

Available in gloss and satin finishes

Mop-on finish

Easily Repairable

No strip out necessary!

Easy top scrub and recoat without the hassle of removal and refinish.

Minor scratches are easily repaired with a high speed polisher.

Easy Application

Apply LaMella Mop-on with an acrylic flat mop head with no training needed.

Easy to apply making a fast turn around for any job.

First coat of LaMella will dry within 30 minutes on a ceramic floor, making it easy for a second coat application.

easy application
LaMella Mop-On SDS

LA-MOP SDS 5.1.2019

More Information on LaMella Mop-On



Compatible Products

Clean with: CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner


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