TitanBoost Remover

The Powerful Urethane Remover


TitanBoost is a strong urethane prescreen and remover created to decrease removal times of all urethane coatings  

The Benefits of TitanBoost

Urethanes can be very difficult, time consuming, and frustrating to remove. This is why it is imperative to use the right chemicals during the removal process. This is where TitanBoost comes into play. 

TitanBoost is a powerful urethane prescreen and remover designed to aid in removal of any urethane finish.

TitanBoost is specifically designed to speed the stripping process.

TitanBoost is the go to product to use when you know there is a tough job in front of you.

How to Use Titanboost

Wet pre-screen (150-100 grit screen), the floor with CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner (1:32).  Pour a solution of TitanBoost (RTU or 1:2) on the surface.  Spread with a mop.

The TitanBoost will flow into the screened scratches and begin to break the bond of the urethane.  After, 10 minutes, extract the excess TitanBoost.  Follow-up with applying U2O Remover to complete the strip-out process.

Solution Advantages

Emulsifies and breaks surface bonding

Safe for use on: VCT, linoleum type, or sheet vinyl

Clean-up with CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner for best results•

Dual Purpose – use as a prescreen before U20 Remover or as a stand-alone urethane remover

Fragrance and dye free

NON-CORROSIVE—more user friendly, pH below 10.6

Very Low Odor

Zero VOC’s – EPA and CARB Consumer Goods Regulations

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