Cross-Linking Gym Floor Coating

Eco-Friendly alternative to traditional solvent-based systems

Designed for Ease of Use Without Sacrificing Performance

LowPost Gym Floor Coating is highly resistant to scratching, marring, and will not yellow with time

High Gloss | Easy Application | Fast in-service time

Revive Gym Floors with LowPost

LowPost is a self-cross-linking gym floor coating that has been formulated for ease of use without sacrificing performance. LowPost exhibits outstanding gloss and depth of image. It is an eco-friendly water-based urethane alternative to traditional solvent-based systems.

LowPost is EPA and SCAQMD VOC-compliant.

LowPost has proven to be resistant to chemicals like Isopropyl Alcohol, Coffee, Coco-Cola, Beer, and Ketchup.

In addition to having high chemical resistance, LowPost is also black heal resistant and has a hardness that meets or exceeds 7H. 

The Benefits of LowPost

Sheen level: High Gloss

Easy Application: Apply two thin coats with a lightweight T-bar.

High Coverage Rate: 500- 600 SF per gallon.

Easy Cleaning: Resists soil, making maintenance faster and easier.

Fast Dry: Allow two-hours of dry time between coats.

After the second coat has been applied, wait six hours before day-to-day use. 

Compatible Products

Prior to applying LowPost to your gym floors we do not recommend using any removers. In short, it can cause damage to the wood, resulting in a costly fix. A simply top-scrub with PreCept MultiPurpose cleaner or CLN-100 will prep the surface well enough to get proper adhesion, prior to application. 

Cleaners: CLN-100 is always a great option for any job you are looking to complete. This cleaner is compatible with all our removers and also makes for an excellent daily cleaner. For dilution levels, please see the CLN-100 page.


LowPost SDS


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