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PreCept Grout Cleaner

You thought you floor was clean…

PreCept Grout Cleaner is a DEEP cleaning grout cleaner.  This is the product for your worst floors!  It is not the fastest (UltraBlast) of Praetorian grout cleaners, but it is our strongest.

PreCept grout cleaner it recommended for any tile & grout prep.  It does not etch the stains away.  It penetrates deep into the old dirt and grime and lifts the contaminants to the surface.

If you are thinking you need to recolor grout due to old stained and discolored grout lines and you have tried everything, you need to try PreCept Grout Cleaner.

PreCept Grout Cleaner is:

  • Highly effective
  • Deeply penetrates grout and actively breaks the bond of contaminants
  • Concentrate: reduce 1:4
  • Neutralizes and removes urine stains and odors
  • Removes stains, oil, soap scum, dirt, grime, grease
  • Restore grout to it’s original color/appearance, without colorant

PreCept Grout Cleaner is in our Green Leaf line of products.

  • Readily Biodegradable —reduce waste stream pollutants
  • Low pH 9.5 – safe on any tile or stone
  • Very Low Odor
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