Capstone Sealer

Natural Look with Superior Protection

Use Capstone Sealer for Interior and Exterior Applications


The sealer for ceramic, porcelain, all natural stone or concrete.

High Performance | Low Sheen | Natural Look

CAPSTONE has a very natural appearance, providing protection without high shine.

Capstone is designed to work in both interior and exterior enviornments. It has exceptional duarbility and works on horizontal AND verticle surfaces. This coating will help you achieve the natural appearance that you are looking for but will also enhance the durability and cleanability of your surface. This is the perfect coating to bring your natural stone, porcelain, concrete and ceramic back to life.

Capstone is a high-solids, premier coating that is designed for high traffic areas. Capstone is very easy to apply with a flat microfiber mop, just like the methods you know. One gallon can get you up to 3,200-3,400 SF depending on the surface.




Designed for demanding high traffic areas.


Resistant to scratch, mar, and heavy foot traffic.


Resists soiling, giving your surface a clean appearance for much longer.


Formulated for extreme high chemical resistance.


Provides superior protection without high shine.


No need to grind the floor before or after using Capstone.


Stain and Chemical resistant.


natural stone


Easy to apply

  • Only need to apply two thin coats
  • Apply with a flat micro fiber mop


High coverage rate

  • Between 3200-3400 SF per gallon


Minimal down time – fast drying 

  • Between Coats allow one hour dry time


Can be used on both walls and floors

  • Seal vertical or horizontal surfaces



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