U2O Remover

Heavy Duty Acrylic and Urethane Remover

U2O Remover…it Simply Works!

Efficient, Effective, Safe, and Versatile


U2O is the most efficient product available for removal of urethane and acrylic floor finishes.  U2O does not dry out on the surface, no need to re-wet the floor, saving time and money.

Multiple applications of stripper are gone.  Apply U2O, walk away, let U2O do the work.

Fast clean up with CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner



Effective in removing multi-component urethane floor finishes, including MightyOne HD, Saniglaze, GlossTek, Microguard, and many other ultra-durable type of urethane floor finishes.

Use U2O to remove acrylic finishes.  U2O has been proven and used for removing in ONE application 100 coats of aged and burnished acrylic floor finish.



U2O is VERY LOW ODOR.  U2O suitable and safe in ‘at-work’ environments. Use in sensitive areas without a chemical odor problem, even in hospitals.

Use a safe water-based remover, U2O is NON-Flammable.  Stop using dangerous chemicals like methylene chloride and acetone to remove urethane finishes.

U2O Remover has been tested safe for use on ALL flooring types, including linoleums and non-laminate cork.


U2O Remover is extremely versatile.  Use to remove urethane, acrylic, latex, carpet adhesive, base board stripper, latex paint, and much more.

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