CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner

Effective and Versitile Multi-purpose Cleaner

CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner

Praetorian saw early in the history of making top ranked urethanes, it was imperative that we had a cleaner to match.  The key to a successful floor finish application is proper surface preparation.  CLN-100 is a must have for success.

Cleaners are formulated for many purposes; disinfects, to break down and remove dirt, cut grease, and everything between.  However, whatever the main purpose, many cleaner solutions will leave cleaner residue.

CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner is our tried-and-true cleaner.  CLN-100 is the final cleaning product to use before any finish is applied.  After the finish down, use CLN-100 to daily clean.

multipurpose cleaner

Multipurpose Uses

Use as a ‘booster’ with U2O Remover or LaMella Remover (1:4)

Quickly break down and help remove residue after stripping acrylic (1:8)

Remove factory finishes on VCT (1:4)

Remove surfactant residue from other cleaners (1:32)

Clean equipment and tools after applying urethanes or acrylics (RTU)

Daily clean (1:128)

Deep Clean (1:56)

Use with deep scrub clean before finish application or re-apply (1:4 – 1:12)

daily clean

Other Advantages

Surfactant free – no residues to contribute to ‘traffic-pattern’ yellowing.

Very low odor

No perfumes or dyes added

Will not ‘foam-up’ in auto-scrubbers.

Not properly cleaning floors

Does your finish look dull and streaky with no vibrance? The best way to prevent a floor finsih from soiling is by using the correct cleaner.

Many cleaners have surfactant which helps break down dirt, however, they also have resins in them which will affect the application of your floor finish.

Improper cleaners will have a visual and adhesion effect and will create a barrier which wont allow a finish to properly adhere.

It is very important that the cleaning process is done properly and thoroughly. CLN-100 will remove contaminants and will make the floor ready to coat for optimal gloss and adhesion to the finish. You can also use CLN-100 to remove old chemicals off of any floor.


CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner SDS

CLN-100 Neutral Cleaner SDS 04.29.19

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