Launch Acrylic Remover

Economical Acrylic Remover

MEA Free

Fragrance and Dye Free

Cost Efficient

About the Product

Effective removal of acrylics and urethane fortified floor finishes

Does not damage VCT, linoleum type, or rubber type floors

Easily applied using a micro-fiber mop

Rapidly strips and emulsifies old finishes

Remove five (5) or more coats in less than 10 minutes

Longer pad life due to complete emulsification remove up to 1,500 SF of finish before pad flip

Water clean-up and rinse with CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner


Launch Acrylic Remover


Very low odor—excellent choice for health care

Fast and efficient

NON-CORROSIVE—pH below 12.0—lower freight costs

Very low VOC’s, less than 1% per gallon, concentrate

1:4 ratio, 32oz per 1 gallon of water

Coverage: Up to 1600 sq. ft. per gallon diluted

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