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MightyOne HD Urethane Floor Finish

From VCT to resilient flooring MightyOne HD will beautify, protect a multitude of flooring surfaces.  Never buff or burnish again!  Long lasting for years while holding a deep rich gloss.

Ease of Application

MightyOne HD, the most user friendly catalyzed roll-on floor finish available.  MightyOne HD surpasses hardness and scratch resistance of any urethane floor finish available.  MightyOne HD can be applied over VCT, LVT, terrazzo, lineolium and more.



Application Advantages:


No Induction Time needed
2-1/2 hour pot-life
Excellent leveling – No ‘texture’ appearance
Extremely resistant to ‘outgassing’
Flows and fills minor imperfections in surface
Very low odor
Coverage 400-450 SF per kit
Cold water & CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner

In-Service Advantages:


Dry time: 4-5 hours

Faster in-service than applying 4 coats of acrylic

Great early hardness, 75-80% to cure within 12 hours

Performance Advantages:


Extreme scratch resistance – 8H-9H
Excellent early hardness
Excellent hand sanitizer resistance
Superior black heel mark resistance and release
Extremely resistance to friction burns

Maintenance Advantages:

No Burnishing/No Buffing

No Polishing

No diamond polishing or grinding

Recoat lifespan time – 24+ months on average

Fast cleaning with white pad and/or micro-fiber

Strippable with U2O Remover

Recommended daily clean with CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner

MightyOne HD is a gloss finish available in gallon, half, and mini kits.

For faster in-service finishes, try our mop on urethane finishes,

ALTUS LVT Mop-on for sheet goods & LVT and SENTRY Mop-On for VCT, terrazzo, polished concrete.

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