Praetorians Premier Acrylic Remover

Precept Acrylic Remover

A safer alternative to standard acrylic removers

Praetorians Premier Acrylic Remover

Earth Conscious | Effective | Simple

-Earth Conscious-

Readily Biodegradable | Amine-Free, MEA-Free | Zero VOC | No perfumes or dyes added | Very Low odor | pH Neutral


Completely emulsifies acrylic floor finish

Fast stripping action for increased work efficiency

Effectively remove urethane fortfied & metal crosslinked

Attacks heavily built finishes with ease

Will remove old imbedded grime deep from the surface


Flexible reduction ratio’s: 1 to 8 for light duty or 1 to 4 for maximum efficiency

Save labor hours, due to effectiveness

Will not damage manufactured and resilient floors

May be diluted with cold or hot water and rinses easily

Extended use for pads due to complete emulsification


More Information on PreCept Acrylic Remover

PreCept Acrylic Remover InfoSheet 5010P233

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