Because All Floors Are Not Treated Equal

Application Choices – Product Choices

Three Application Methods: Mop-on, Roll-on, and T-bar


Mop-on application, simple and fast.  Mop-on application has virtually no learning curve.  Mop-on application is suitable in large open rooms and areas with little ‘down-time’.  Fast-dry finishes are suited for mop-on application.    For a smooth, defect free finish, flat mop at 1 mil thick.

Roll-on finishes are designed for high build, between 3-5 mils wet, one coat.  Roll-on finishes are suited for areas that can handle 4-6 hours of ‘shut-down’ time.  Roll-on application, usually requires some training, but the benefit of increased durability and longevity of the finish are well worth the effort to learn.

T-bar application is common for large open area, like gym floors.  T-bar application is a hybrid of mop-on and roll-on.  Product is applied at heavier mil (3-4), like roll-on, and application is fast, like flat-mop.  Products designed with t-bar in mind, are slower drying (6-8 hrs), for superior leveling and gloss.

Mop-on Finishes


terrazzo and VCT

2-part catalyzed


Manufactured floors, LVT and laminates

2-part catalyzed


All types of floors

No catalyst

LaMella Mop-on

Ceramic and stone

3-part catalyzed

Roll-on Finishes

MightyOne HD

All types of manufactured floors

3-component catalyzed

LaMella Ceramic Floor Finish Ceramic and stone

4-part catalyzed

T-Bar Finishes


Recycled Rubber Floors

2-part catalyzed


Wood Floors

3-part catalyzed


Wood Floors

2-part catalyzed


Wood Floors


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