LVT – Luxury Vinyl

Luxury Vinyl Floors has become a popular choice for both institutional and consumer use

About LVT – Luxury Vinyl 

The new trend, the way of the future.

LVT comes in different colors and different textures, it is visually pleasing and extremely durable. However, every LVT floor is textured making it challenging for maintenance teams to clean. The LVT looks nice going down but is susceptible to micro scratches and turning dull in color. This is where Scepter comes in.


Scepter has been designed to repair & restore any LVT floor. This coating will coat over any micro scratches, making it extremely easy to clean. Scepter is a low-sheen finish that will enhance the natural appearance of your floor.


Mop-on Application Video (Part 1)

Mop-on Application Video (Part 2)