HydroGrip Adhesive Promoter

Creates a cohesive bond without the need for acid etching

HydroGrip Adehsive Promoter can be used with a variety of our floor coatings

LaMella Mop-On

LaMella Mop-On is extremely easy to repair and apply to concrete, stone, and ceramic surfaces. In addition to simple application and repairability, LaMella Mop-on has excellent chemical resistance.

LaMella Roll-On

LaMella Roll-On is a water based urethane, that places a protective shield over your ceramic/stone or grout surfaces.


Capstone has a very natural appearance, providing protection without high shine. This sealer has been formulated for ceramic, porcelain, all natural stone, or concreate. 


StepStone is a catalyzed sealer for ceramic tile, quarry tile, cement & natural stone. It provides the beading-effect of an impregnator, with the performance of a urethane.

Cohesive bond
no acid etching

Works with ceramic tile, concrete, and stone

No etching needed

No sealer needed

Mechanically bonds the coating to the surface

Advantages of HydroGrip

Improves chemical and stain resistance

Mechanical and Chemical bond to surface

Unparalleled adhesion

Enhances gloss and depth-of-image (DOI)

Superior flow and leveling

Easy incorporation

NO added chemical odor

NO respirator needed

Requires LaMella Remover

NEVER use on resiliant floors