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Eco friendly stripper

Precept Eco-Lift

A world of green, starting from the ground up

Eco Friendly | pH Neutral | Low Odor 

Cleans and Strips

Eco-Lift is FAST and POWERFUL

This remover does two important jobs in one step, cleans and strips at the same time.

Eco-Lift is a multi-functional cleaner/remover/stripper for institutional floor finishes.

Eco-Lift works on acrylic, urethane, most epoxy based UV, or grout haze floor finishes.

The strip out time is as fast as 10 minutes!

Multiple Advantages

Easy to Use and Highly Effective

Formulated with biodegradable materials.

Fragrence and dye free

Coverage approximately 200-500 SF per gallon.

Release imbeded dirt and stains within the floor surface.

Easy application using a microfiber or string mop.

Easy cleanup with CLN-100 or Precept Daily Cleaner


Eco Friendly

Effective on the toughest to remove finishes

Packaged as a concentrate



pH Neutral

Low amine, pH of 9.0-9.3

More Information on Eco-Lift

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