Sentry is Better Than Traditional Floor Finishes

November 3rd, 2020

Better than traditional floor finishes



Ease of application, strippable, repairable, durable, dependable – the very essence of traditional floor finishes.  Can Sentry provide the benefits of a traditional floor finish while exceeding the strenuous challenges and struggles of floor careThe answer may surprise youTest for yourself if Sentry is just another traditional floor finish or if it is an industry changing solution.  

When we designed Sentry, we recognized the shortcomings and waste (labor, material, and environmental) created from using ‘traditional’ finishes. Praetorian’s mission was to make a coating with exceptional durability with the ease of traditional floor finish application. Sentry is the premier gloss urethane coating with industry standard application process, extreme durability, and high chemical/hand sanitizer resistance. 

ease of application

Industry Standard Application Process


Like a traditional floor finish, apply Sentry with a flat microfiber mop. Sentry levels and applies smoothly requiring no special trainingApply Sentry with the tools and methods you know.  

Sentry’s high solids formulation will give you maximum protection in fewer coats. Traditional floor finishes need at least five to six coats, for the desired look. With Sentry, mop on two to three coats to achieve the look AND durability that is unachievable with any traditional acrylic finish.

Save Time. Save Money.

Shutting down a floor for maintenance is not beneficial for any company, we all know that. This is big point where we see traditional floor finishes fail. With slower dry times (usually) and more coats, this equals longer shut down timeand more labor hours. 

With Sentry, facilities will be able to use their floor quickerApplication crews will be more productive by potentially doubling the square footage per shift! Sentry is that game changing finish that you need! 

Not only will facilities be able to ‘turn the floor’ faster, there will be labor savings of 50% or more on application, this is HUGE! Crews will have more time for other projects needed to keep the facility looking great. 

Sentry = 2 coats 

Traditional acrylics = 6 coats 

= Time and Material SAVINGS 

Extreme Durability

On a pure comparison of Sentry vs. acrylicsSentry typically has 10X the life of an acrylic finish.  

By nature, traditional acrylics are not made to be durable, they are made to be ‘easy to repair. For example, because of the repairability (by burnishing) it is inherently soft and porous  Porous surfaces allow dirt to be ground into the floor Cleaning chemicals and/or spills easily damage the surface causing traffic-pattern yellowing and dull appearance This is the vicious cycle of the traditional floor finish.   

Sentry’s catalyzed high solids formulation produces an interlocked nonporous tough outer shell. This tough interlocking shell makes Sentry easy to clean and difficult to soil or become damaged from chemicals.  Sentry has extreme scratch and mar resistance, making it excellent for high traffic areas. Micro scratches are easily repaired with a quick high-speed polish.    

Sentry’s excellent durability not only lets you clean easier, but even high-traffic areas require significantly less maintenance than a traditional acrylic floor finish. 

Hand Sanitizer & Chemical Resistance

Traditional floor finishes have little to no resistance against hand sanitizers or disinfecting chemicals. Sentry has been tested and proven to resist both hand sanitizers and disinfecting chemicals, making it an excellent choice for resilient type floors 

Demanding times require outstanding results. Clean, sanitize, rinse, repeat…  Due to this worldwide pandemic, the demand for sanitation is without exceptionSentry is the answer.  Sentry will provide the protection needed to withstand hand sanitizer spills and extreme cleaning.


Apply Sentry on VCT, LVT, linoleum, and terrazzo. Sentry will provide a beautiful gloss sheen and extreme durability. Sentry’s resistance to chemicals and hand sanitizer is outstanding, making it an easy choice for any environment or any floor. Traditional floor finishes do not compare. Sentry will also provide significant labor savings by performing as a cleanable, durable and maintainable coating.  With Sentry’s industry standard application process, extreme durability, and chemical resistance, you will find yourself in shock with this products ability to perform. 

Give us a call or email us, we would be more than happy to have a conversation with you and give more details about this innovative product. 


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