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Eco friendly deep cleaner

Precept UltraBlast

A unique preparation aid for refinishing over urethane finished floors

UltraBlast - A Powerful Multifunctional Cleaner

Eco Friendly | Powerful | Effective


Praetorian’s PreCept line of products are readily biodegradable and enviornmentally friendly.

UltraBlast is a super-concentrate and is extremely powerful. It must be dilluted with water for most optimal usage.

UltraBlast will saturate and emulsify soil, making cleaning fast and easy.

How to Use

UltraBlast is a very effective cleaner at only 1/2 oz. per gallon of water. 

Use to restore and clean multiple surfaces and soiling types.

For tough stains, allow 5-10 minutes contact/dwell time before rinsing. 

Always test, in a small area, diluted solution to determine optimum cleaning effeiciency or finish removal. Rinse residue with clean water.

More information on Precept UltraBlast

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