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February 4th, 2021

Better than traditional floor finishes



Frustrated with dull, worn vinyl floors? Are you wishing your floor can be restored to look brand new? Do not replace your floor, Praetorian has the fix – Scepter LVT Sealer / Restorer. Scepter can beautify, protect and enhance the cleanability of new flooring as well as return old worn floors to like new with exceptional durability.

Praetorian makes high performance solutions for both types of luxury vinyl surfaces (LVT).  For plank LVT, use Scepter; the fastest and most durable (long lasting) way to restore your floors.  For rolled sheet vinyl, use Sentry; our durable mop-on long-lasting coating.


LVT and The Struggles



There are two main groups of manufactured vinyl floors: sheet and plank. Both types are described as ‘luxury vinyl’ or known as LVT.  Because LVT is aesthetically pleasing it has become extremely popular, both in institutional and in consumer use.  Floor manufactures have made great strides with durability and appearance of LVT in the last 10 years.  However, even with advances in product development LVT will show wear and lose natural beauty over time.

Because of normal wear and tear, causing micro-scratches, facilities managers struggle with effectively and efficiently cleaning LVT floors. This leads to feeling defeated with a sub-par appearance and increased maintenance costs.  Another challenge in cleaning LVT is the deep grooves and texture, that trap dirt.  Other cleaning issues are compounded by surface treatments applied to LVT during the manufacturing process’. These treatments add extended durability but make the surface soil faster.

This is where Scepter comes in to save the day to fix your LVT floor problems.

Use Scepter on LVT

Scepter is an outstanding floor finish/coating that will give your floor a new natural un-seen appearance while adding extreme durability and outstanding chemical resistance. luxury vinyl Scepter’s low sheen enhances the color and appearance of old tired LVT floors. Scepter is extremely easy to apply and is an ideal choice for demanding high traffic areas.


Worn and beat up LVT


Revived with Scepter Vinyl Restorer


Worn and beat up LVT


Revived with Scepter Vinyl Restorer

Scepter Finish
Scepter Finish

Easy Application Process

Scepter is extremely easy to apply, no learning curve. Simply use a flat microfiber mop and apply a VERY thin coat to your LVT floor.

You only need to wait about 45 minutes between coats, that is it! There is very minimal down time with Scepter, so your team can be in and out of a job in no time. No time for two coats? No problem! Simply come back later and finish with a second coat for maximum protection.

Scepter is a one component product making a gallon easy to use whenever you need. One gallon coverage is twice the rate of traditional finishes and lasts 10x as long between coats. Scepter has a very nice smooth feel, no drag when applying. No burnishing required.

Easy Application

Scepter Chemical Resistance

Scepter will Provide

  • Ease of application:  Flat micro-fiber mop
  • Natural appearance: very low sheen, much like the factory finish when new
  • Low Odor: Apply any time.  No need to schedule off-hours.
  • Two (2) coats:  No more!
  • Dry time: 15-20 minutes to walk on – recoat 45 minutes
  • Increase ease of cleaning and maintaining floors: high density finish, soil removes quickly
  • Extreme chemical resistance, including:
    • Hand sanitizer – resists damage from gels and foam type
    • Chemicals – resistant to the most damaging chemicals (food, automotive, hospitals)
    • Food staining – very stain resistant
  • Increased scratch and mar resistance – reduce topical micro-scratching, hard durable surface
  • Long life – average 12 to 24 months before reapplication
  • Ease of recoat – wash with CLN-100 (link) and 1-2 coats to revive.  No special prep needed on recoat
  • Coverage per gallon:  3200-3800 SF per coat – DOUBLE average SF of traditional finishes.


Extend the life and look of your floor. LVT flooring is in high demand, both industrial and consumer use. LVT is a beautiful natural looking floor that gives an upscale look to any environment. Scepter will allow you to keep your floors looking elegant while giving the extra durability that you need. After wear and tear, use Scepter to bring back your LVT floors to life. Scepter is tough, durable, repairable, and reliable. Scepter is easy to apply and will resist hand sanitizers, harsh cleaning chemicals, food spills and much more.

Give us a call or email us, we would be more than happy to have a conversation with you and give more details about this innovative product. 


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