StepOne Sealer is the first step before applying MightyOne HD.  StepOne Sealer will enhance the gloss of your final finish.

StepOne is a functioning

  • Sealer –  seal the floor to enhance the gloss MightyOne
  • Barrier coat – protect the surface, enable future MightyOne removal


  • StepONE acts as a barrier primer, preventing the MightyOne HD from penetrating the porous surface of the VCT tile.
  • Barrier for plasticizer migration from the VCT migrating through the MightyOne HD finish, which will cause gloss degradation.
  • StepOne: Equalizes and stabilizes high surface tension of VCT and terrazzo


  • Release Aid: Dramatic time saver for future removal of MightyOne HD. Reduce strip-out times by 30-50%

StepOne is a fast dry, low odor, non-yellowing, flat mop applied sealer.