Praesidio HiChem Floor Coating

Praesidio HiChem

High Chemical Resistance Floor Coating

High Chemical Resistance  |  Extreme Durability  |  Impeccable Shine

The industry leader for high chemical resistance

Superior resistance to hand sanatizer

Extremely fast application and quick in-service time

Superior to all other floor finishes

EXTREME Chemical Resistance

Exceptionally durable for your high traffic areas. Resistant to both gel and foam hand sanitizers. Also resistant to isopropal alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and quaternary disinfectants.

Ease of Application

No learning curve. Apply two THIN coats with a flat head micro-fiber applicator. Applies at approximately 1800 SF per gallon per coat. Dry time, approximately 10-20 minutes.


Simply Tough

This 2-part high performance coating is extremely resistant to scuf and mar. If needed, Praesidio HiChem is repairable with a quick polish, bringing the coating back to its glossy radiance.



We have the right products for your facility to efficiently remove Praesidio HiChem. When the time comes, no matter what surface, we have a solution. Ranging from U2O Remover to our ‘Readily Bioderagable’ PreCept EcoLift.  See below for our selection guide for your best choice.

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Compatible Products

Clean with: CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner


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