Praesidio Acrylic Floor Finish

Praesidio Acrylic Floor Finish is a premium performing acrylic floor finish



  • Enhanced protection in comparison to rival products.
  • High gloss
  • Unequaled clarity of finish
  • Very nice appearance
  • Non yellowing
  • Reduced burnishing frequency saving labor dollars
  • Excellent burnish response
  • Styrene free
  • Best “In Class” hand sanitizer resistance
  • Fast flow and leveling
  • Apply with a flat head mop
  • Quick dry times
  • Covers 1800 square feet per gallon
  • Low odor

Companion Products

PreCept Acrylic Remover

  • Amine Free
  • pH Neutral
  • Safe for use on linoleum
  • Very low odor
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • For more information
  • PreCept Acrylic Remover

LiftOff Acrylic Remover

  • Efficient acrylic stripper
  • Low Odor
  • Strips through complete emulsification
  • Limited to NO build up in stripping pads
  • MEA Free
  • For more information
  • LiftOff Remover Praetorian’s work horse stripper

Launch Acrylic Remover

  • Strips heavy build up of finish
  • Rapidly strips and emulsifies old finish
  • Butyl based
  • Surfactant free
  • MEA free
  • For more information
  • Launch Acrylic Finish Remover

PreCept Neutral Cleaner

Readily Biodegradable
pH Neutral
Super concentrate 1/2 to 1 ounce for daily cleaning
Quickly saturates and breaks down soil for fast efficient cleaning
Safe to use on all finishes and flooring surfaces
For more information

PreCept Daily Cleaner

CLN-100 Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Surfactant free – residue free cleaning
Safe to use with all Praetorian Removers
Safe to use over all Praetorian floor finishes
Super concentrate 1/2 to 1 ounce for daily cleaning
Very low odor
For more information

CLN-100 Multipurpose Cleaner

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